VERDE LED Light Up Ireland largest School

5th November 2014 - The project, supported by Heaton’s and the SEAI, was retrofitted and commissioned within a two week period generating a 65% saving on lighting costs for the client.

Director of VERDE LED Paul Martin outlined "VERDE LED are delighted to have been part of this project. VERDE has made a big push with public sector projects in 2014 completing works with Cork, Longford, Laois, Leitrim and Kilkenny Local Authorities and schools in Limerick, Wexford and Dublin".

"There has been a large shift in the perception of LED lighting over the past 18 months. Prices are now almost in line with more inefficient conventional lighting enabling LED Lighting to be the lighting of choice in almost all environments from office, educational, streetlight, industrial and sports facilities”.  “What makes VERDE LED different from competitors is the robustness, reliability and efficiency of our product range coupled with the industry leading warranties and our ability to deliver large quantities and a turnkey solution in a fast and efficient manner".

Vice-Principle of Gorey Community School, Frank Duke, outlined “Gorey Community School are delighted with the energy savings achieving a metered 65% saving on lighting and a 30% overall energy saving within the facility. We found VERDE LED to be efficient, professional and dependable and their electricians worked diligently to deliver a large scale project on time and without fuss. In dealing with Verde we found them to be very reasonable and flexible which is extremely important when working in a school environment".

VERDE LED have an aggressive expalnsion plan in the public sector in 2015 targeting projects in 15 local Authroties and 20 primary and secondary schools.

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