Giuseppe Merola
Edison Energy Solutions


Born in 1955, attended Liceo Classico in province of Bolzano and University of Bologna, Faculty of Electrical Engineering . From 1982 till 1999 worked in the railway industry of ABB and AEG Daimler Benz. In 1999 started activity in the Energy sector, organizing the start up and leading in Milan the Italian subsidiary of EnBW, German energy company, that was acquired in 2004 by EDF Italia, where he was appointed General Manager. In Edison since 2006, contributed to the start up of the energy efficiency activity of the Group and since 2013 he has been Chief Operating Officer of Edison Energy Solutions S.p.A. the ESCO company of Edison Group. Edison’s involvement in energy services consist especially in consulting activities (energy audit, white certificates and ISO 50001), self production (cogeneration and photovoltaic) and energy optimization projects (based on Energy Performance Contract), both for industrial and tertiary sector. Business model mainly based on self financing of the projects.