Eric Berman


Eric H. Berman (1964, USA) is the chairman of RENESCO; possibly the first Renovation and Energy Service Company in the world. RENESCO fully self-finances and implements comprehensive modernizations of apartment buildings. RENESCO earns back its investments solely on the basis of the energy savings resulting from 20-year Energy Performance Contracts with homeowner associations. Eric was raised and educated in The Netherlands and has spent the last 20 years facilitating public decision-making processes. He has worked with nearly 100 local governments in Western, Central and Eastern Europe to create development plans for a wide range of public infrastructure issues. He first became involved with the housing problems of Eastern Europe as founder of the Agora Central Europe Foundation (Prague 1998-2005) and later as team leader of the Sustainable Management of Multi-Family Buildings project in Ukraine (2005-2009). In this last position he was responsible for the first ESCO-financed renovation in the former Soviet Union.