IPMVP 2014 Training by EVO


IPMVP 2014 Training by EVO

Tuesday 21 January, 16:30 - 18:00

Course leader: Pierre Langlois, EVO’s Vice Chair and President of Econoler

The only real way to ensure the long term achievement and persistence of energy savings is to establish, up-front, a cost-effective measurement and verification plan that is followed throughout the useful life of the energy assets installed. 

Today, the International Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is the leading international standard in M&V for energy efficiency projects. It is more and more recognised and used in Europe as the reference document for EPC projects. IPMVP’s flexible framework has proven successful in all types of programs and projects and its use has grown as a consequence. 

This half-day seminar will provide an opportunity to present the latest version of IPMVP (2013) and to see how its different methodologies can be applied in the EPC market place in Europe and abroad. This will be an opportunity to gain a hands-on understanding of the proven IPMVP savings measurement methods and related risk mitigation strategies successfully employed in projects around the world. Emphasis on the new development in the use of the Protocol in Europe will be presented.

The trainer for the event will be Mr. Pierre Langlois, EVO’s Vice Chair and President of Econoler. He has been involved in the development and implementation of performance-based energy efficiency projects for the last 25 years in more than 35 countries, and has an important focus on many European countries. He has been instrumental on the deployment of IPMVP in Europe. 

Course outline:

  • Overview of the new International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP)  
  • How to apply each of IPMVP’s options in practical ways 
  • The role of M&V in EPC
  • M&V plan development
  • Actual Project Examples in Applying Savings M&V 

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